Derrick Risner

Derrick Risner

Position Title
PhD Student

  • Food Science and Technology

M.S., Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University 
B.S., Food Science and Technology, Oregon State University  
B.S., Engineering Technology, Oklahoma State University 

Derrick’s research focuses on the conversion of food production co-products and by-products into value-added products. He is interested in examining of environmental impact of these conversions via life cycle assessment. He examines how fermentation and other food processing techniques can employed to convert these co-products and by-products into sustainable value-added products. He combines chemical food analysis techniques and life cycle assessment to determine the commercial suitability, identify production challenges and to assess the sustainability of these conversion processes.   

Peer reviewed publications  
Risner, D., E. Tomansino P. Hughes, and L. Meunier-Goddik. Volatile aroma composition of distillates produced from fermented sweet and acid whey. J. Dairy Sci. In press. 

Risner, D., A. Shayevitz, K. Haapala, P. Hughes and L. Meunier-Goddik. Fermentation and distillation of cheese whey: carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and water use in the production of whey spirits and white whiskey. J. Dairy Sci. 2018. 101(4):2963-2973.

Risner, D., P. Hughes, L. Meunier-Goddik, and S. Ramirez. Starting a Distilled Spirit Business: A Guide to Completing the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Application and Oregon Liquor Control Commission Licensing Process for a New Distilled Spirit Plant. OSU extension service. 2018. em 9185. 

Book Chapters
Hughes P., D. Risner and L. Meunier-Goddik (November 3rd 2018). Whey to Vodka [Working Title], IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.81679. Available from:

Other Publications
Hughes P., D.Risner, L. Goddik. Distillery-led solutions towards sustainable processes. Artisan Spirit Magazine. Winter 2017. pg 62-64